Our Services: Transcreation

The magic has already been created. That content you’ve given your time, energy and unconditional love to is now going to be deployed in global markets. It needs to stay on strategy, it needs to maintain its integrity and of course, hit those KPIs.  

Considering the deep cultural roots of the work, machine or simple translation just isn’t going to cut it. Your beloved creative likely requires transcreation.  

What is the difference between translation and transcreation? We’re glad you asked.  

The main difference is the degree of creative license required during the adaptation process to effectively and consistently communicate the same message. Straight translations are unable to take into account the nuances of language and the significant cultural context that make advertising copy resonate with its audience.  

To break it down even further, translation deals with the words, while transcreation deals with the message. 

To ensure the appropriate cultural context and cues are reflected during the adaptation process, we don’t work with just any translators. We leverage experienced in-language creatives and marketers people that know their culture, are masters of language and understand the importance of a consistent brand voice. Then, we bring an experienced editor to proof their work. 

As part of our white-glove service approach, we include line-by-line back-translation and rationale as part of our final deliverable. This not only provides insight into our process, but it also empowers our partners to take this work to their internal teams or end-client as well.  

Interested to see if your project requires translation or transcreation to reach your target audience? Let’s chat about creating a tailored solution for your work!  

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