Our Services: Cultural Strategy

As part of an ongoing series, we’re breaking down some of our basic services. So next time your team is considering taking on that large global ask or figuring out how to expand the reach of your existing content – you’ll be comfortable saying yes and know exactly how to get started. 

We’re beginning with cultural strategy. 

Cultural Strategy  

Great marketing strategies and correlating executions always have to demonstrate an understanding of their audience to be impactful – cue cultural strategy. 

At its simplest, cultural strategy is about understanding a consumer’s mindset and using this knowledge to present a message in a way that really speaks to them. It’s those nuances reflected in creative that enable it to resonate with an audience and to incite the intended action. 

A winning cultural strategy is a mix of art and science. It takes time, deep insight and varied perspectives to get right – something that simple desktop research or expensive white papers usually can’t accomplish. It must marry the over-arching brand strategy and essence with the cultural context of the target audience.  

When we’re tasked with cultural strategy, we first sit with our clients to understand the brand and its specific goals. We then tap into our deep global network to assemble the right strategy team – one that draws from the target demo with expertise in the subject matter at hand. As we understand one team does not represent the entire culture, we don’t stop with just a few resources. We lean in and pressure test our strategy relentlessly. We cross-reference media the target is consuming, facilitate focus groups and bring in additional resources as necessary.  

As countless examples have shown us, cultural strategy has the ability to not just make or break a marketing campaign but forever impact consumers’ perspective of a brand. It is more than just an important consideration or after-thought, it is an integral part of your marketing work. 

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your project or you have a clear vision for your upcoming work, we’re here to assist! Simply shoot us a note and we’ll get it done together!  

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