Voiceover Production During COVID-19: The Show Goes On

Voiceover recording is a huge part of what we do at InterEcho. We reached out to our voice artists recently to see how they and their families are doing. We also inquired about how these talented people are adapting how they work during the coronavirus pandemic. While it’s not quite business as usual, everyone is using all the tools at their disposal to adapt to new realities and continue to create great work. 

Jana Martinez, a voice artist based out of Philadelphia, feels prepared professionally. Jana made the switch to a home studio ten years ago, and also developed a high-quality portable setup that allows her to record wherever she finds herself. After a few days of quiet at the beginning of the pandemic, old clients started getting in touch for new projects and regulars started doubling up on existing jobs. Jana counts herself as one of the lucky few who can work remotely and scale up production when needed. 

Aurelien Nancel is a French voiceover artist who delivers more than 200 projects each year for clients including Netflix and the European Parliament. He came up with a way to help out small businesses during these trying times. He recorded more than twenty studio-quality voicemail messages covering a range of situations that small businesses are facing, such as restaurants now only offering takeout services; offices that have transitioned to remote work; and essential businesses that remain open. Aurelien uploaded all these voicemail messages to his personal website where they are freely available for businesses to use. He’s been pleased to see a large number of downloads and a great response to the initiative, from both new and existing customers. 

Heike Bachmann, a German voice artist based in hard-hit New York, was previously splitting her recording 50/50 between commercial studios and her home setup. The overnight switch to a 100% home studio workflow has given Heike the impetus to learn new editing and mixing skills. 

Claudio Napoleoni is accustomed to taking things into his own hands. He built an extensive home studio in Montreal more than 7 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. This investment – in everything from physical soundproofing to quality microphones, professional recording software, and top-of-the-line audio hardware – has proved fruitful for both him and his clients. He was able to expand his scope from local to international work and can now spend more time doing what he does best: auditioning, recording, and delivering high-quality audio for clients all over the world. 

Technological advancements have also made home studios more and more viable with every year that passes. For example, Claudio remembers when recordings had to be couriered to clients on physical media. Now that bandwidth has improved, high-quality, uncompressed files can be delivered directly to clients over the internet. 

Many voice talents agree that now is a good time to work on larger projects and upskill. Jana has been working on her self-taping for auditions over Zoom, and is adding Source Connect to her setup as it becomes more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Claudio notes that services like Audible have been experiencing record demand, and he finally has the time to narrate a couple of audiobooks that other more urgent projects have always impeded. 

Looking ahead, Heike foresees a range of markets across the world opening up in response to the current situation. The public needs to stay informed as conditions change. Companies need to communicate shifts and re-train employees. And we will all continue to turn to resources that inform us, teach us, entertain us, and help us maintain our mental health. Guided meditations, video games, online lessons, and public health notices are just a few of the many voiceover projects that she expects to work on in the coming months. 

When asked if he has used his downtime to develop any new skills, Aurelien highlights one thing we’ve all had plenty of time to work on in the last month: patience. 

If you have a project that would benefit from our complete audio solutions and our network of world-class voiceover artists, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re open for business and continue to deliver all work to our highest standards. 


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