Our Services: Multilingual SEO and SEM

To conclude our series, we’re focusing on our increasingly important SEO and SEM services.  

After pouring countless hours into creating your content, finally getting it live is quite the relief. Unfortunately, that’s only half the battle. Making sure consumers can actually find your content online is another crucial component of the work’s success. The same goes for localization – maximizing discoverability of the translated site is mandatory to drive the intended impact of the work.  

Cultural context is at the core of any multilingual SEO strategy as online searches tend to be very idiomatic. The way target audiences use specific language to look for content online mandates what keywords are tailored during the adaptation process. 

To begin, one of our skilled transcreators adapts the list of keywords from the primary language into the target language. An editor is then brought in as a fresh set of eyes to assess the terms again for cultural accuracy. Once the list is ready to go, our SEO specialist cross-checks the transcreations against the most-searched terms related to the brand’s category and/or product. We use keyword volume data to identify confirmed matches and possible alternate phrasings and incorporate these learnings into our final deliverable.  

The result is a database of terms that accurately and effectively represent your brand in the target language, ready to be used to optimize your site.  

If you’re just launching new work or looking to drive more traffic to your existing content, we’d love to chat! Contact us here and we’ll figure out the best way to maximize your investment!  

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