Title: #sephorasquad Tutorials

The Work:

We have partnered with Sephora since 2017 to produce a series of beauty tutorials featuring Spanish/English bilingual members of their #SephoraSquad. In coordination with Sephora’s internal marketing team, we supervise the video shoots with our Spanish bilingual director. We transcribe and transcreate the script from Spanish to English for Sephora legal review. Once finalized, we subtitle the videos in both Spanish and English.

The members of the #SephoraSquad intentionally choose to stylistically interweave both Spanish and English terms and phrases throughout the videos. Our production supervisors help find a balance between maintaining that style during the shoot without alienating either the Spanish-speaking or English-speaking audiences.

Since beginning the relationship, our team has produced over 50 videos with the Sephora team.

Tutorial De Contorno Para Pómulos Definidos.