Agency: Havas Edge

Title: Bread

Director: Anthony Pietromonaco

The Work:

Havas Edge, a longtime localization client, asked us to produce an original spot for broadcast in Canada on a tight budget. It needed to be delivered in both English and French.


InterEcho reviewed four treatments from Havas Edge’s development team, but none of them were achievable given the strict budget. InterEcho’s creative team worked up a fresh treatment, drawing inspiration from existing client direction. We were able to trim production to a one-day shoot in a single location.


The original spot was shot in English and localized into Canadian French with VO and graphics replaced. Even though it occurred during the holiday break, post-production was completed in just three weeks. The process involved heavy rotoscoping to produce the time lapse sequences, and went through three rounds of client review and approval. Both spots were shipped on time.

English version (original)

French version (localized)