2019 – what a year. In the advertising world, a shift in culture was reflected in many of the campaigns that went viral. Marketing provoked social commentary and brands capitalized on current trends to let audiences know they were keeping up with the times.

Have you ever had a feeling or thought that you can’t quite articulate? Maybe the word doesn’t come to mind, or you just can’t think of the right way to say it. Well it probably exists, it’s just in another language.

Want to be a world traveler? Unfortunately, it can be a little more complicated than grabbing your passport and jumping on the next flight out. There are various beliefs, behaviors and practices that are unique to each country across the world. Sometimes, things that are perfectly normal to do in one country could be considered incredibly offensive in another.

Language barriers when traveling can be tough, but there’s an easy solution. Learning a few key expressions in the language of your destination can make a great first impression on the locals that you meet. We've already got you covered on French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese.