Our Services: Voiceover and Dubbing

Video and audio content are undeniably impactful forms of media in the marketing space. However, adapting this type of content for multilingual audiences requires deep linguistic and cultural knowledge to avoid common pitfalls.  

To ensure these necessary nuances are accounted for during the process, we begin by reviewing the transcreated scripts and speaking extensively with the client to understand the objectives of the content.  

Once we understand the key elements, we tap into our global network to carefully select the best voice talents for the job. During our talent search, we produce custom auditions to provide our clients with options for who will be the voice of their brand. Once aligned on the talent, we facilitate recording sessions in our broadcast quality studios to ensure pristine audio. Our studios are ISDN and Source Connect equipped so that we can patch in our clients creatives and any other stakeholders for real-time approvals or change. During the sessions, we always have Bilingual Directors present to ensure our talents deliver the desired performances in language and work within any audio timing requirements.

If there’s no on-screen dialog, simply recording voiceover in the target language will deliver smooth and natural pieces. If there is on-screen dialog, dubbing will usually be required.   

Following the recordings, we can fully edit and mix the audio to deliver traffic-ready files or provide raw audio for more flexibility on the back-end. Our final deliverables are based on whatever format best suits our clients.  

You can check out some of our voiceover work for Benjamin Moore here.

If you have voiceover or dubbing work coming down the pipeline, we’d love to help! Hit us up and we’ll discuss a custom plan for your project.

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