Our Services: Bilingual Supervision

Today we’re talking bilingual supervision.

The work of a bilingual supervisor is to ensure the execution and the talent’s performance are culturally aligned with the market in which the content will be distributed in. Failing to take important cultural details into account during production can result in the content coming off as inauthentic and reflect poorly on the brand.  

A bilingual supervisor’s work begins during pre-production. They dive deep into the essence of the brand and the objective of the original work – who is it specifically targeted to? What is it supposed to elicit from the audience? What image of the brand do we want to present?

After understanding the brand’s goals, the bilingual supervisor preps the talent accordingly. They focus on cultural elements of verbal communication such as tone, pronunciation and the vocal expressions of emotion. 

Bilingual supervisors are also present during the production to provide real time feedback to the talent and general oversight. This can save agencies and brands a lot of time and money, reducing the need for extensive post-editing or a re-shoot. 

Whether you’re still in the planning phase or ready to begin production, bringing on a bilingual supervisor can be a crucial step in ensuring the effectiveness of your content.

If you’re interested in learning more about this service, hit us up for a free consultation.   

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